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Environmental Policy

Gaffer Group Environmental policy

Organisation structure

1. Gaffer Group comprises a number of trading companies which include: Gaffer (NI) Limited Gaffer Trading Limited NI Trucks Limited Emerald Truck and Van Limited Star Rentals Limited TVC Parts Limited Dessian Products Limited Windowmate (NI) Limited Inish Properties Limited Gaffer Investments (Ireland) Limited ASM Financial Planning Limited

2. Gaffer Group has approximately 320 staff working across 7 locations in the UK and Ireland.

Our business

3. The group’s key activities involve:

 sale and service of new and used commercial vehicles and parts supply;

 rental of commercial vehicles;

 manufacture of uPVC windows, doors and conservatories;

 sale of uPVC windows and doors to the trade;

 investment in and management of commercial property; and

 financial advisory services.

Our objectives

4. The Group is committed to the achievement of environmental best practice. Each of the businesses wholly endorses this corporate priority and maintains the following objectives:

a) to achieve and (where possible) exceed compliance levels for all legislative, regulatory and industry requirements related to environmental issues that are applicable to each business;

b) to provide and maintain buildings, plant equipment and working systems that ensure protection for the environment and prevent pollution. This relates to both the individual company premises, and, where within the remit of works or influence, client or customer sites. The strategies to do this include:

i) minimising waste by evaluating site/workshop/factory/office operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible;

ii) minimising toxic emissions through the selection, use and maintenance of our transportation and the sources of our power, lighting and heating, while simultaneously reducing power demand;

iii) actively promoting recycling both internally and among our customers and suppliers;

iv) providing products or services which have minimal environmental impact in use;

c) to provide training and education for all employees on relevant matters of environmental protection and best practice;

d) to ensure that all levels of management demonstrate leadership and commitment to environmental protection principles;

e) to ensure that the Managing Director of each business sets and reviews objectives and targets for continual improvement of the Company’s environmental performance on an annual basis.

5. Within each business an Environmental Management System has been developed using the BS 8555 framework, an internationally recognised Environmental Standard.

6. Each business communicates its environmental policy via its website, and on request information on performance and significant environmental aspects is communicated to employees and stakeholders, including the public.

7. Within each business the Policy is enforced by the internal EMS Representative and is subject to annual review by a Company Director.