Environmental Policy

At Dessian, we fully recognise the need to improve the environment we live in and as such the company is committed to reducing its impact on the environment.

Through a continuous monitoring of our suppliers, manufacturing processes, packaging and distribution methods, we will strive to use suppliers and processes that share our vision in contributing to enhance the environment in which we live.

All waste products, and in particular all uPVC cuttings from the manufacturing process, are recycled as part of our policy. In addition, the REHAU frames we fabricate have achieved ISO14001 certification, meaning a vast array of new window profiles and technical products are produced from recycled material.

Our policy will be continually reviewed by management to ensure we meet the standards set and all employees are encouraged to contribute their views and ideas on any improvements they see, which may assist us all in improving the environment.

For more information on how uPVC can be used as a safe, recyclable and environmentally sustainable material, please view REHAU's Sustainability Brochure